To market, to market, to buy some cold beer - next week!

We won't be at the market this weekend, June 4th.  Our supply has fallen short for you thirsty market-goers as we learn to keep up with demand. However, we hope to be back next week, June 11th, with some more Gut View Amber ale (and maybe our Bear Bones IPA) .  But, please check back to make sure!  We have loved meeting all the great people who have stopped by our table so far.

In the meantime we are finishing up our retail space and plan to post the hours some time mid-June!

Hop Yard

We're starting a tiny hop yard.  We have our rhizomes (from Bramble Hill Farm), and harvested a couple trees for the trellis system.  And Erin baked spent grain biscuits for Abby. 

How to open a brewery

[Disclaimer: This is a premature post - we aren't actually open.  Check back soon for our opening date.]

How to open a brewery:
Step 1 - brew great beer.
Step 2 - do all this other stuff* project plan.

Projects don't necessarily follow a straight line, so we used to decipher how all the tasks fit together and to find the critical path (check them out at  If you can't see the plan well enough and are genuinely interested, shoot us an email and we'll share.

Below is the progression of the space, working backwards from today.

*With lots of help.


Elbow grease, power tools and paint.

We have had amazing help from a wide range of people to get the space ready (including Roger Milner et al; Steve Bradley et al; and Erin's family),  but we saved the most tedious and smelly jobs for ourselves.  We have spent the last week scraping, sanding and painting.   Unfortunately these are hard paint applications, like the steel beam, that call for stinky paint.  We are protecting ourselves and excited to move out of this phase to the more flavorful beer brewing and drinking phase of the project - it can't come too soon.  Oh, and we got our kegs this week!!

Family building weekend!

We had a lot of help this weekend as family arrived for a visit. We have water hooked up - thanks to plumber dad - and we built a very awesome tasting counter with some scraps and lumber left from the barn construction. The finishing touches are awaiting the beautiful wood. We can't wait to serve you some beer on it!

Our modified mash tun or should we say "tub" has also arrived. Local craftsman Bill Berry of Keith Berry and Sons Ltd has modified a stainless steel tub and built us a basket to lift and lower the grain from. All it needs now is some power to be hooked up. We are getting close to our first test run!