Binecraft Harvest Ale

Some may find the task of picking fresh hop cones from the bine (hops grow on a bine, not a vine!) a rather tedious endeavor; and we do too.  However, it is also a time to bond with friends and family over a harvest that will reap wondrous rewards. Craig thought he was going to be collecting a few hop "plants" for me, however he ended up harvesting 40 bines! I think it looked like fun and I think he also enjoyed it? The result - a trunkful of hops. Once back at Lazy Bear, it was an evening of picking cones from the bine, a hop induced mini-coma and crafting a beer with them. 

We brewed a pale ale with a late addition of the handpicked cascades. The resulting beer has a slight citrus nose with aroma of green, fresh hops. We chose a yeast (Midwest Ale Yeast) that has some subtle esters that we think play nicely with this brew.  We hope you'll come out and try some!

The hops were generously provided by Pat Hudgins in Aylesford, NS. Thanks, Pat and family!