Let's go paddling.

Erin and I like paddling.  Not exactly sure why, I wouldn't call our trips too relaxing, generally the kilometers we plan for outstrip the time allotted.  Maybe we might have fun if it wasn't for the blisters, damp clothes, sunburns and bugs.  And then there was the time on the Shubenacadie River where the fear of a 6 foot tidal bore made us paddle hard enough that I couldn't lift my arms above my shoulders for a good day afterwards.  Well, maybe I'll revise my first statement, I think Erin and I like paddling, or maybe it's an unhealthy addiction.

We were very excited when the Clean Annapolis River Project  (CARP) invited us to take part in their annual river festival in Bridgetown on July 16th.  For the festival, we have brewed a special Paddler's Pale Ale.  A beer at home in a canoe's cup holder.