-Brewed with the bear essentials-

We are a family brewing team that specialize in hand-crafted ales brewed in very small batches.
You can find our ales at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders market and from the brewery. If you are interested in carrying our beer, check out our "Contact" page! We like to experiment so check back often for the latest creation.

Our Mission

To provide small batches of handcrafted ales bringing together neighbors, friends and family.

Who are we?


Erin Norman- Brewmaster and owner.

Erin has a passion for making things from scratch and learning the science behind it. She is fascinated by the science of  beer and how small changes influence the sensory experience of the beer. Erin holds a Master of Science degree in food science  with years of professional sensory expertise which lends itself to making some pretty tasty beers.

When she's not brewing, Erin can be found in the garden, making soap, cooking or baking, knitting, running or thinking of the next great experiment.


Andy Norman  - Engineer and owner

Andy has been the mastermind in the development of the brewhouse and all the goes with it. Andy holds a Master of Engineering degree and when not brewing works as a process improvement engineer.

Andy is always up to date on the current news. Addicted to the New York Times as some are to Facebook.  Science and technology is one of the highlights. Ask him when the Space X launch will be. 




Abby - Dog

Abby is our sensory expert in spent grain dog biscuits. We can't tell which batch is better because she eats them all.

When not attentively watching us brew, she likes sticks and walks. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to the site. Be sure to visit us next time you are passing through Smith's Cove.